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        Chongqing Jinzaisheng Mechanical Electrical Co., Ltd is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of stepping motors and Stepper driver..
        We have comprehensive products mainly including, hybrid stepper motors in size of 20mm, 28mm, 35mm, 39 mm, 42mm, 57mm, 60mm, 86mm, 110mm and 130mm with more than 200 series. Our products are widely used in 3D printer, stage lighting control, security webcam , home appliance, video equipment, laser working machine, carving machine, textile equipment, sewing machine, automotive, industry automation, office automation, digital controlled machinery and medical instrument. Our products are recognized by many customers on optimized construction, overall high performance, high torque in high speed range, outstanding consistency, reliability and stability in low speed range. 
        Human oriented and customer first is our company principal and culture. With it, we gathered talented and experienced professionals to form quality management system. We continuously introduce new equipments and instruments to enhance our research and development and production. Providing you high quality products and satisfactory service are our most important tasks. 
        Our stepper motor and driver have passed SGS CE, RoHS, TUV CE, RoHS. Our company have passed ISO9001 system.
        Please share your requirements. We will provide you the best service ever.