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        Your 3D printer is telling people what it's making
        Click:841  UpdateTime:2016/3/17 14:06:15
        The sounds of a 3D printer at work can be reverse engineered to reconstruct the original 3D model. It sounds cool, but there could be big implications for industrial espionage.
        If you want to steal a 3D design, all you have to do is record the sound of the 3D printer making it.
        In research demonstrating that industrial espionage may be as simple as opening a recording app on your smartphone, a team led by Professor Mohammad Al Faruque at the University of California at Irvine has shown that it is possible to reconstruct a 3D model based solely on audio of the printer in action.
        According to the team's research, the sounds made by a 3D printer can be used to ascertain the position and movements of its extruder. A recording of these sounds can then be used to reverse engineer these positions and use them to recreate a model of the object being printed.
        Encryption can be used to protect a file. But once the design gets to the printer, the sounds of the motors give it away. Even if a human ear can't tell the difference, software can be used to decipher the minute changes.、